What Goes into the Cost of Owning a Car?

Owning a vehicle is something most people in the United States do, and for a good reason. If we didn’t own cars, vans, SUVs, and trucks, we couldn’t reasonably travel to work, unless you’re happy with leaving home hours before clock-in time to make it there.

It doesn’t take long to realize just how important cars are to our daily lives. However, you should never splurge on a ride unless you can afford it without any afterthought – even one. Fuel matters a lot when it comes to total cost of ownership. Daily work commuters of more than roughly 15 miles or 45 minutes of driving should aim to invest – not expend – in a fuel-efficient ride. Tire expenditures come around once every year or so, and can sometimes cost close to one thousand dollars. Further, fixing a flat tire is an emergency expense that you should be able to readily cover.

Come by or call us at Olathe Ford Lincoln for our help in tallying how much any vehicle will cost over a year’s time. We’re eager to help guide you in the right direction!


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