The Convenient Technology of the Ford Flex

The Ford Flex is a three-row SUV that is capable of seating seven passengers in style and comfort. Even with seven passengers, the Ford Flex still has plenty of room for cargo such as the items you want to take on a trip. The Flex is designed with some convenient technology features.

Each Ford Flex is equipped with a rear-view camera. This camera allows you to see what is behind the vehicle so that you can avoid accidents with cars or pedestrians. The Ford Flex also offers you adaptive cruise control. When you are driving, this system monitors the road ahead. If slow traffic is detected, the system will automatically slow the Flex. It will speed back up when safe.

Come out to Olathe Ford Lincoln in Olathe, KS to test drive the Ford Flex. Find out how this vehicle can make driving safe and fun for every member of your family.

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