Save with Section 179 Tax Deduction in Olathe, KS

ATTENTION BUSINESS OWNERS! - Sections 179 Tax Benefits
If you're a small-business owner in Kansas or Missouri and are in need of a dependable fleet of commercial vehicles, come to Olathe Ford Commercial Sales. At our dealership, we know how hard you work to keep your business operating smoothly. That's why we want to team up with you to help you build your Ford commercial fleet for less at our dealership. Whether you need a new commercial van or truck, thanks to the guidelines under the IRS Section 179 of the IRS tax code, many small businesses that invest in new equipment can write off up to $1 MILLION worth of these purchases on their 2018 IRS returns. Please advise with your accountant regarding the exact details or click learn more below.

From powerful and determined Ford Super Duty trucks to versatile Ford Transit and Transit Connect vans, you'll be able to shop the full Ford Commercial vehicle lineup at our Olathe Ford Commercial dealership. If your business had less than $200,000 in expenses over the last calendar year, you also qualify to save with the government's Section 179 Tax Break! Normally, small businesses spread these deductions over several years. But, the tax benefits provided under IRS Section 179 allow many small businesses to write off up to $1 MILLION of qualifying new equipment in the first year it is placed in service. Just by buying or leasing a commercial truck or van from the list of eligible Ford Commercial Vehicles, you'll be able to save! The eligible Ford Models include:

The qualifying vehicle must be purchased and placed into service by midnight December 31, 2018. It must be used at lease 50% for business, based on mileage, in the first year it is placed in service. So if you choose to use it for both personal and business use, the cost eligible for deduction would be the percentage used for business. 

Please note that the maximum IRS Section 179 Deduction of $1 Million allowable is reduced if the company purchases and/or finances more than $2,500,000 in business equipment during tax year 2018

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