What is Ford Telematics?

The Ford Telematics system is designed for Ford commercial vehicles and is powered by Telogis. This system makes it possible for you to know everything that is going on with your entire fleet of vehicles and their operations. You will know the vehicle location, speed, excessive idling, engine temperature, hard braking or acceleration, seat belt use, oil life and more all in real time!

Engineered for Your Ford by Ford

No one can tell you more about your Ford vehicle than the talented engineers that were behind building it. By using the built-in GPS hardware found in your Ford fleet vehicles, Ford Telematics is able to collect performance metrics in real time. This information is then processed using a secure web-based application from Telogis. Once the information is processed, it is presented to you visually with action reports so that you are aware of exactly what is going on with your fleet. 

Better Maintenance Scheduling

It is easy for maintenance to slip your mind, but luckily, you don't have to remember anymore! Ford Telematics will send you automated reminders based on the actual condition of the vehicle so that your service requirements are always met. This will keep your preventative maintenance costs lower, have less downtime due to breakdown and easier warranty recovery. 

Essentials for Fleet Management

There is a simple equation to make you more successful. Reduce labor and fuel costs by minimizing the idle time and total mileage of the vehicles while still increasing productivity, safety and efficiency. Ford Telematics can provide a lot of data on your vehicles but you won't be overwhelmed because the flexible custom reports give you the right information that you need to make the right business decisions. 

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