Finance Programs

Commercial Retail Financing
Our Commercial Retail Financing programs provides options that can be tailored to meet your objectives.

  • Competetive Rates
  • Flexible Terms
  • No Early Payoff Penalty or Hidden Fees
  • Financing of Extended Service Plans (ESP), Commercial GAP Coverage and Maintenance Plans
  • Availability of Commercial Service Plans- A customizable fleet management program

Commercial Lease
Our TRAC lease program puts you in control. This customizable, open-ended lease program allows flexibility to set the residual based on your business requirements. at lease-end, you are responsible for the residual

-Can Accomodate
  • High Mileage and Heavy Use Vehicles
  • Vehicle Modifications and Upfit
  • Lower Monthly Payments
  • Flexible Terms Ranging from 12 to 60 Months
  • No Acquisition, Up-Front Administration or Termination Fees
  • No Mileage Restrictions
  • No Wear and Use Lease-End Charges
  • Financing of Extended Service Plans and Maintenance Plans
  • Availability of Commercial Service Plus- A Customizable Fleet Management Program

Commercial Line of Credit
When you need to add commercial vehicles to your fleet, Olathe Fleet can help you get them quickly and easily with a Commercial Line of Credit (CLOC). Once you establish a CLOC, you an acquire additional vehicles whenever the need arises. 

  • Credit Approval for up to 12 Months
  • Credit Lines Starting at $250,000
  • No Setup or Non-Utilization Charges
  • Saves Time When Additional Vehicles are Needed
  • Accommodates Finance and Lease Transaction
  • Notification When Your Credit Line is Set to Renew/Expire¬†

Municipal Finance Program
Many public agencies are discovering that Municipal Lease/Purchase Financing is today's answer to acquiring essential equipment within limited budget confines- without major cash outlay, long-term debt obligations or, in most cases, voter approval.

-How It Works
  • Fixed-Rate Financing helps you get the vehicles you need, when you need them, while staying within your current budget
  • Flexible Payment Terms- monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual
  • Finance Add-On Equipment, Upfits, ESP and Maintenance Plans
  • Equity is accumulated with each payment and, ownership is realized with a final payment of $1.00

Commercial GAP Coverage
Many businesses do not realize that even the most comprehensive vehicle insurance may have gaps. This means that you may find yourself responsible for a potentially significant expense in the event your vehicle is stolen and unrecoverable or written off as a total loss.

  • Can Prevent You From Owing Money on a Vehicle You No Longer Own
  • Ensures Your Contract Deficiency is Covered
  • Protects Your Bottom Line
  • Covers Most Upfits
  • Vehicles Up to 37,000 GVWR
  • Deductible Coverage of Up to $1,000
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